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Powerpoint and Chickens

On presentation support, Gallus gallus Apathy, and focusing on questions rather than answers.

Do you remember that day — probably a rainy one — when you sat in a conference room? Your heart was filled with eagerness to dive into the speaker’s mind. You even prepared by documenting about the topic, to fully comprehend the genius striding in front of you. The common purpose And then, as the drama unfolded in the room and the rain kept pouring outside, this slide came up: [Read More]

Qt Model / View

Understanding the basic principle

The Shock The first time I’ve read the Qt Model / View documentation, I was shocked. Flabbergasted. Blown away. I started with a vague idea of the purpose of the Model / View, and finished convinced that I understood even less. My first implementation of the pattern was an utter failure: it looked like a Frankenstein implementation of a boilerplate code written by a crazy monkey. This was not right, the Qt documentation is known to be of quality — detailed, explanatory and coherent. [Read More]
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